Welcome to the Digital Wisdom Project. This site is a forum for conversation and for dot connecting, specifically in the context of digital media and technology writemyessayrapid.com in educational environments. It’s not just, “What do we know about the impact of digital technology on our kids and in our schools?” but “What do we do with the knowledge we have?” My recent work suggests we’ve been focusing on the former and struggling to make sense of the latter.

This is not about central planning, but about central gathering. It is not about exclusivity, but about climbing out of our own silos and checking out what’s stacked up in others. There will be opinion. There will be theorizing and conceptualizing. There will be scholarly research and discussion of evidence. There will be media and journalism. And there will probably be stuff I can’t even anticipate, but I’ll include that, too. I will listen and link to experts and novices alike, always cognizant of the lessons learned from the Wizard of Oz and the Emperor’s New Clothes. And because this is a digital space, I celebrate the fact that we can all actually wear the Emperor’s clothes while we’re talking to each other. No webcams, please.

My overriding assumption, going in, is that digital technology, in all its myriad manifestations, is a mighty powerful tool. Not to go all LOTR or anything, but we do well to remember that the more powerful the tool, the more potential essaywriterusa it holds for great good and great harm. Hence my search for wisdom in a digital world, especially when our kids are in the back seat.

I embark on this quest for digital wisdom knowing that it is a challenge to say something original – especially in light of Ecclesiastes 1:10-11 – but, at the very least, I am saying something. Feel free to say something, too.

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